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The Making of “The new Schedule”

The production of “The new Schedule” started in September 2016. The original story of the film was written in 2009 being nearly forgotten, but finally found it’s way of being realised. Since the film was going to take place in Forchheim / Oberfranken and in the surrounding region, we went to the local authorities and asked for financial support, which we finally got. Thanky very much for that! We thank the Comany “Farben Kreul” at Hallerndorf, where we shot some scenes, as well as the bus company “Schmetterling Reisen”, who provieded us with a city bus. Shooting took place from 11. to 13. November at and around Forchheim.
After the shooting of the film the post production startet. Beginning with the editing of the material, the color grading and the retouching. In addition to that, the film score was composed and the audio postproduction started, including the recording of all sounds, noises and the dialogue of the film. Finally, everything was put together and the film was digitally mastered.
At the beginning of June all was set: The film was ready and the public premiere took place in Eggolsheim next to Forchheim. Presented by Peter Halm of the “Funkhaus Nürnberg” the whole film team, actors, sponsors as well as the county commissioner Dr. Ulm were present and enjoyed the evening - including lots of free popcorn.
The Video “Making of the New Schedule” in german:
Der neue Fahrplan
The new Schedule