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Der neue Fahrplan / The new Schedule - a short film from Forchheim / Nuremberg

“The new Schedule” is an independent low budget short film produced by broadcasting- and mediafreelancers from Nuremberg / Germany. It is the follow up project to the successful short film “The Pit”. The filming took place in November 2016 at Forchheim / Germany. In June 2017 the postproduction ended. The duration of the “New Schedule” is approx. 14 minutes and the film is currently being submitted to various film festivals. We are glad to present our work on this little website. Please enjoy!
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Die Grube - Das Buch
Finally published: The offical book “The Pit” / “The new Schedule” (in german) In this book you’ll find the original story of the film “The Pit” and 15 additional stories. Funny, dramatic, fantastic and bizarre - all included. And, of course, the story of “The new Schedule”, our follow-on project. You can buy the book at Verlag Tredition and order it at every bookstore. ISBN Book Number: 978-3-7439-8036-5
Der neue Fahrplan
The new Schedule