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Team Together with broadcasting and media freelancers, we at the “Schoene Bunte Filme” company produced the narrative short film “The new Schedule” with 14 minutes lenght in November 2016 here at Forchheim / Nuremberg. This film was professionally produced. All actors are professionals with lots of experience in theater and film. In addition to that we gave adolescents and young adults the opportunity to take part in the filming process by attending a short set practicum. The story Rotschild, the employee of a big paint factory, has had his last day of work and is now on his way home by bus, straight into his retirement. But there he is not able to get of the bus and start his new life. So he stays on the bus, driving one round after another. From his former company to his home and back again. But as longer he waits the bigger his dilemma gets, not to know what to do with this new life. Background After the international success of our last film “Die Grube / The Pit” ( we wanted to produce another film in 2016. The new story is about something, that everyone has to face someday: The chance of life and the question, how to deal with that. And those who know our films can be certain: the ending is not, what you expect. Goals of the flm The goal of our film is, just like it’s predecessors, to let the viewers think about it and to examine the problem of changes in life - something that everyone knows. We are going to submit the film to national and international filmfestivals. In addition to that we want to submit the film to TV stations with special short movie programs. The local press, like local TV stations, newspapers and radiostations, were informed about our film - in advance, during the production and after the presentation of the finished film. Funding There was no payment at all for the production team. The film itself is demo material and reference for each teammember - behind the camera, as an actor in front of the camera or as a trainee. This film offers enough potential for every one. We had some sponsors, companies and supporting programs to help us funding this projekt. We thank you all for helping us realizing “Der neue Fahrplan / The new Schedule”
Die Grube / The Pit Kurzfilm - Laurin Kaiser Die Grube / The Pit Kurzfilm - Kris Michaelsen Die Grube / The Pit Kurzfilm - Moritz Rauch Die Grube / The Pit Kurzfilm - Marius Bloss
Hans-Peter Ernst Schmid
Xenia Hügel
Moritz Rauch
Kris Michaelsen
Produktion team: Production and Organisation: Ute Janson Set Producer: Martin Arend Production Assistance: Leonard Pohlmann Screenplay and Director: Kari Hennig Directing Assistance: Moritz Rauch Camera: Philipp Jahn Camera Assistance: Konstantin Agel Yannick Lang Lighting: Martin Arend Make up: Ulrike Müller Making of Camera: Andrea Kurz Catering: Gertraud Filipp Mareike Strupat Set Diver: Gerhard Brusberg Editing and Audio postproduction: Kari Hennig Audio Assistance: Tom Meyer Soundtrack: Kari Hennig Ute Janson Over The Counter Rock und Popband … not to forget the over 40 film extras, which helped us bringing the city bus to life! Thank you very much - you were great!
Die Grube / The Pit Kurzfilm - Marius Bloss
Anna Habeck
Der neue Fahrplan
The new Schedule