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We continously submit our film “The Pit” to german and international filmcompetitions and festivals. We already had quite some success at the festivals.
Offical Selection of the TMFF UK Film Festival for: - Best Shortfilm - Best Screenwriter
TMFF UK Monthly Film Fest
Offical Selection of the UK Monthly Film Fest for: - Best Short film
Offical Selection of the Barcelona Planet Film Festival for: - Best narrative short movie - Best actor (Laurin Kaiser) - Best director (Kari Hennig) - Best trailer
Official Selection of the Monthly Film Festival for: - Best director (Kari Hennig) - Best screenplay (Kari Hennig)
Offical Selection of the Chandler International Film Festival for: - Best Short movie
Offical Selection of the Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards for: - Best Low-Budget Short Film.
Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2
Winner “Best Director: Kari Hennig” at the Barcelona Planet Film Festival.
Official Selection of the Nightpiece Film Festivals Edinburgh 19. - 27. August 2016
Winner “Best Screenplay: Kari Hennig” at the International Monthly Film Festival

Screenings at these Festivals:

Official Selection of the Two Cliffs Film Festival 8. - 15. October 2016
Offical Selection of the Short to the Point International Short Film Festival

Official Selections:

Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2
Official Selection of the Open Art Short Film Festival Düsseldorf 8. and 9. October 2016
Official Selection of the East Coast Film Festival 2016
Semi-Finalist of the Los Angeles Cine Fest: - Best Shortfilm
Official Selection of the Miami Independent Film Festival: - Best Shortfilm
Official Selection of the London Monthly Film Festival: - Best Shortfilm
Official Selection of the Arctic Monthly Live Festival: - Best Shortfilm
Official Selection of the Feel the Reel Festival: - Best Shortfilm
Nominated at the Ouchy Film Festival: - Best Screenplay
Official Selection of the European Short Film Festival Berlin 2. October 2016
Winner “Special Jury Prize” at the London Film Awards
Winner “Best Foreign Short film” at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival
Offical Selection “Best Shortfilm” und Screening at the Chandler Annual Film Fest, 14th January 2017
Official Selection beim Short Stop International Film Festivals: - Bester Kurzfilm
Finalist at the Berlin Flash Film Festival 2017 and participation at the final screening in 2018
Winner of the Recognition Awards “Best foreign shortfilm” and “Best Director, shortfilm” at the Hollywood Moving Pictures Film Festival
Finalist and screening at the “Salento Finibus Terrae” film festival 2017
Participation at the 10th Filmzeit Kaufbeuren from 2. to 8. October 2017
Participation at the Great Lakes International Shorts Festival 2017