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The Pit. A film about dignity and acceptance - a subject being currently very present in our daily life.
Team We are all TV and broadcasting freelancers from Forchheim, Erlangen and Nuremberg. On February the 20. and 21. we filmed our short movie “The Pit” / “Die Grube” next to the town of Forchheim with 14 minutes total final length. This movie was professionally produced. All actors are promising young talents with lots of experience in theater and film. In addition to that we gave adolescents and young adults the opportunity to take part in the filming process by attending a short set practicum. Synopsis of the movie The stoy of the movie takes us to the persecution of the jews in Germany 1941. Two brothers are on a deadly pursuit of a jewish boy and trap him in a pit at the forest. The younger brother climbs down into the pit to finish the hunt, but down there he realizes the thruth behind this pointless violence. The subject of the movie is very present in our modern world. It is all abot acceptance and dignity as well as the question, how to stand up against violence and suppression. Background Some years ago we - a group of young filmmakers - produced several fictional films in Forchheim (e.g. ”Augenlicht” and “Antidot”). Those films had quite some success at filmfestivals, had good reviews in the pressmedia (TV Oberfranken, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Nordbayerische Nachrichten, Fränkischer Tag,…). Now the time felt right to produce another film with even more professional means. Our team consists of broadcasting and media freelancers with long-term experience at camera, lighting, audio, makeup and directiing. Goals of the film The story of our film is meant to start a reflection process at the viewers as well to be a statement concerning the actual polictal situation. We are going to submit the film to national and international filmfestivals. In addition to that we want to submit the film to TV stations with special short movie programs. The local press, like local TV stations, newspapers and radiostations, were informed about our film - in advance, during the production and after the presentation of the finished film. Funding There was no payment at all for the production team. The film itself is demo material and reference for each teammember - behind the camera, as an actor in front of the camera or as a trainee. This film offers enough potential for every one. We had some sponsors to help us funding this projekt. We thank you all for helping us producing “The Pit” / “Die Grube”.
Die Grube / The Pit - short movie Still 1 Die Grube / The Pit - short movie Still 3 Die Grube / The Pit - short movie Still 2
Die Grube / The Pit short movie - Laurin Kaiser Die Grube / The Pit shot movie - Kris Michaelsen Die Grube / The Pit short movie - Moritz Rauch Die Grube / The Pit short movie- Marius Bloss
Laurin Kaiser
   Kris Michaelsen (further information)
     Moritz Rauch (further information)
     Marius Bloß (further information)
Production team: Director & Screenplay: Kari Hennig Production & Organisation: Ute Janson Set Producer: Martin Arend Camera: Anja Funk Cameraassistance: Cornelia Müller Set Audio: Rüdiger Sturm Makeup: Jacqueline Braun Catering: Gertraud Filipp Mareike Strupat Youth Supervisor: Hugo Singer Set Assistance: Philipp Jahn (AK VIDEO Münchberg) Konstantin Agel Yannick Lang Adrian Roßner Hannah Eul Lara Reichel Andrea Kurz Historian: Adrian Roßner Weaponscoaching: Matthias Arend Editing, Audio Postproduction: Kari Hennig Artwork: Alexandra Kraus Music: Over The Counter Rock & Popband Piano: Ute Janson Bassist: Eckart Müller Singer: Sandra Wrana