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The Making of “The Pit” / “Die Grube”

On this page we show you all the steps of the production of “The Pit”. Enjoy!
Photos und newspaper articles of the preproduction: Newsarticle Nordbayerische Nachrichten Newsarticle Fränkischer Tag
Productionmeeting, Ute Janson und Kari Hennig
Visit of the location with cameraoperator Anja Funk
The storyboard is being developed…
Meeting with the actors at the location (Photos: Konstantin Agel)
Photos und newspaper articles of the production:
The filming starts. The equiment is set, the catering is warming up for a long weekend in rain, snow and with cold temperatures.
Shooting The Pit - snow, rain and stormy weather included. A very hard challenge for team and equipment - but concering the atmosphere of the movie the weather was perfect! (Photos: Konstantin Agel)
The first edited scenes of the movie…
Audio dubbing in progress…
Our poster and cover artwork with big gratitude to our designer Alexandra Kraus.
The “premiere”:
The premiere of “The Pit” / “Die Grube” on June, 11. 2016 was a big success. Roughly 100 guests, friends and supporters as well as the filmteam came together in the theater of Forchheim and enjoyed the movie and the making-of in best picture and surround audio quality. The feedback was very positive! We want to thank all supporters and helping hands for this stunning event! Newsarticle Nordbayerischen Nachrichten: Newsarticle Fränkischen Tag:;art216,1938298
The “Making of” / German: